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Protect access to information

Project Shield is a free service that defends news, human rights and election monitoring sites from DDoS attacks. Powered by Google Cloud Armor, Project Shield provides unlimited protection against a type of digital attack used to censor information by taking websites offline.

Protect access to the free & open web

Outline makes it easy for anyone to create their own virtual private network (VPN), providing safer access when and if the Internet is disrupted. Outline has independently-audited security controls and strong encryption to help keep your communications private. Intra is an Android app that protects against Domain Name Server (DNS) manipulation, a form of cyberattack that can be used to block websites and steal people’s information.

Protect personal accounts

The Advanced Protection Programme (APP) is Google’s strongest security offering, designed to safeguard the Google Accounts of those most at risk of targeted attacks. It provides industry-leading security protections to defend against the evolving methods that attackers use.

Protect online conversations

Perspective makes it easier for moderators to filter out hateful or harassing comments. Perspective uses machine learning to identify toxic language, helping publishers and platforms to host safer online conversations.

Protect Against Manipulation

Prebunking is a technique to preempt manipulation attempts online. By forewarning individuals and equipping them to spot and refute misleading arguments, they gain resilience to being misled in the future.